The Power of a Slogan

The Power of a Slogan
February 22, 2016 No Comments ma admin

One of the most powerful ways to crystallize your company brand in the mind of a customer is the use of a slogan. Slogans are powerful because they sum up your value proposition in a short, memorable way. Consider these slogans:

“It’s the Real Thing”
“Think Outside the Bun”
“Just Do It”
“We Bring Good Things to Life”
“Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Found.”

Chances are you recognized most, if not all, of these slogans and instantly connected them to their brand. Much like a picture being worth a thousand words, slogans sum up in just a handful of words the value proposition of a company.

Do you have a slogan? Do you use it regularly in advertising? A good slogan can help you lock in your brand identity in powerful and even emotional ways.

(The slogans above belong to Coca-Cola, Taco Bell, Nike, GE and Loudmouth Media, respectively. Of course I had to throw Loudmouth’s in there!)

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