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Spotlight Magazine


Created in 2004, Spotlight Magazine®was conceived with the idea of delivering a local, direct mail magazine into the hands of consumers.  We took the best qualities from our existing publications and incorporated them into a glossy, full-color format that would inform and entertain readers and deliver valuable offers at the same time.  Over the years, Spotlight has evolved into a community-focused publication that provides its readers with feature stories and information about the local community, alongside valuable offers from locally-owned businesses.

Whether your business is new or established, Spotlight Magazine® is an effective venue to showcase your star qualities to consumers.  Published six times a year and delivered via direct mail, Spotlight Magazine® has the frequency and reach to make your business a household name.  Each issue is mailed to 75,000 homes and businesses in both the North and South Metro.

Additionally, Spotlight Magazine® reaches consumers in the Denver Metro beyond the mailbox as well.  Thousands of readers visit SpotlightMagazine.net every month for community-focused stories, valuable offers from local businesses and other fun and informative features.  SpotlightMagazine.net features a responsive design that is both tablet and mobile friendly.

The Broomfielder Magazine

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Broomfield’s only community monthly publication, The Broomfielder™ magazine has been published since 2001.

Delivering theme-driven editorial, business information and community news, The Broomfielder™ is an excellent vehicle for promoting your local business to families in the area.  Reflecting shopping patterns, each issue is directly mailed to 35,000 homes and businesses in Broomfield and North Westminster, including all members of the Broomfield Chamber of Commerce.

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