Making an Emotional Connection

Making an Emotional Connection
February 23, 2016 No Comments ma admin


The essence of good branding can be summed in two words:  Emotional Connection.
What makes hoardes of people line up outside the Apple Store to buy an expensive new product, sight unseen?  What has made Coca-Cola as all-American as mom and apple pie?  Why is every Starbucks on every street corner filled with people willing to lay down big bucks for a simple cup of coffee?

You might argue that it is because these companies all make a great product.  And you would be right.  Every great brand is associated with a great product.  But not every great product is associated with a great brand.

The only explanation is that these companies – via their brand – have formed an emotional connection with their customers.  Those customers follow their brand to the ends of the earth because the believe in it and are proud to be associated with it.  They feel like the brand is an extension of themselves because they love what it represents.  And that connection is based upon an emotion.
Yes, it’s true.  People are emotionally connected to their cell phone, soda pop and coffee.
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