Is your foot on the gas?

Is your foot on the gas?
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Is your foot on the gas?

400I’m no economist – nor do I play one on TV.

But like you my business is affected by the economic attitude of those around me.  What I am is an optimist – and with that in mind I’d like to share some of things I’ve heard recently that I believe give reason for optimism.

One of my favorite economic prognosticators, Brian Wesbury, noted on his blog two weeks ago that the recent unemployment report was the best since the economic recovery started.  He went on to point out that the unemployment rate is now almost a full point below where it was a year ago and that total workers’ earnings are more than keeping pace with inflation.  That’s solid news – and in simple terms means this:  more people are working and have more money to spend.

The Denver Post reported on Jan 21st that home sales in December reached their highest pace in nearly a year.  “The gain coincided with other signs that the troubled housing market improved at the end of last year,” the article continued, “Analysts cautioned that sales remain historically low and it will take years for the home market to return to full health.  Still, the third straight monthly sales increase was encouraging.  And economists noted that conditions are in place for further gains this year.”

Certainly, we are no where near “normal” again.  But we are a long way from the dismal days of 2009.  Are there plenty of scary things in the news?  Yes, that much hasn’t changed – and probably never will.  But there are plenty of positive things to point to in anticipation of the year ahead.

So here are a few questions to ponder:  Is your foot on the gas or on the brake?  Have you shaken off the recession or is it still driving your decisions?  Have you developed your marketing plan for 2012 or hoping your business grows by chance?

My point?  Consistent top-of-mind advertising remains an important key to growing your business.  Especially if 2012 continues to bring better news on the economy.

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