Exciting Changes for Spotlight Magazine!

Exciting Changes for Spotlight Magazine!
February 22, 2016 No Comments ma admin

Welcome to Spotlight Magazine, 2013-style!

asBy now, hopefully, you’ve seen what we’ve been working on these last few months. Spotlight Magazine has a whole new look, format and presence in the community. The “New” Spotlight Magazine began arriving in-home over the last few weeks.

In the Community

We’re adding much more community-focused content to the magazine. An expanded community calendar, delicious recipes, interesting feature stories and both business and non-profit spotlight articles all combine to make Spotlight better than ever. All of which is designed to ensure that Spotlight makes it into the home and stays there for a long while, giving your ad even more exposure!

In the Home

Beginning with the February issue of Spotlight North, we’re going to be getting Spotlight into homes between the 5th and the 10th of the month…a full ten days earlier than before! This will ensure the magazine is arriving before most major holidays.

We’ve examined our delivery areas, and revised them where needed to reflect changing buying patterns. As always, Spotlight will be delivered to a demographically tailored list to maximize exposure to homeowners, homes with children and higher than average incomes. This remains one of the best tools we have to give you a good return on your advertising dollar.

On the Web

A brand new, consumer-focused SpotlightMagazine.net website is now live! On this new site, consumers will find our feature stories, recipes and advertiser features online. Our advertisers will be featured heavily, promoting even more traffic to their websites, telephones and storefronts. Additionally, ads will be linkable to social media giving even more exposure for the buck.

Check out the new site at: www.spotlightmagazine.net

This is All for You

This is a whole new Spotlight Magazine designed to maximize advertiser exposure and grow your business by running your message alongside valuable and interesting local content.

If you’re already an advertiser, thank you. If you’re not, give us a call and put YOUR business in the SPOTLIGHT!
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