Bang For Your Buck

Bang For Your Buck
February 22, 2016 No Comments ma admin

Want to be certain that you’re maximizing your advertising return on investment? Whether you’re doing internet, print, radio, tv or all of the above…keep these key things in mind:

Be Provocative. There’s a lot of noise out there these days. Consumers are overwhelmed with businesses trying to get their attention. The most effective ads are the ones that provoke – a thought, a laugh or an unsolicited “WOW!”. It can be as simple as an image, a bold headline or a terrific offer.

Less is More. When paying for advertising space, it can be tempting to cram as much information about your business as you can into the ad. Work hard to keep your message simple and concise. You’re much more likely to be remembered by a consumer if you do.

Don’t Get Change Happy. Most people think in images and earning a “top of mind” presence in their minds takes time and is achieved through a consistent brand “look”. Design your logo, find your look and then stick to it.

Repetition. Repetition. Repetition. Repetition, too, earns you a “top of mind” status with consumers. Marketing research shows that the average consumer may need to be exposed to your message seven to ten times before it truly gets noticed — and remembered!

Make an Offer They Can’t Refuse. Does your ad offer stand out and is it compelling enough? This doesn’t mean you have to give away the store – but you are trying to change established buying habits – so be aggressive and make your competitors squirm a bit!

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