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Aidatasoft Story

Any business owner will tell you that making the telephone ring or creating traffic to the storefront is by far both the most important and challenging aspect of success.  But making your business a household name when you don’t have a full-time marketing department at your disposal can be a challenge.  Aidatasoft can help.

Since 2003, Aidatasoft has published a group of direct-mail magazines that are designed to both entertain readers and promote local businesses.  Locally owned and operated, Aidatasoft caters to small and mid-sized businesses that want to showcase their goods and services to suburban families.

Differences Sell

Our product stands out because it has “coffee-table presence”:  a glossy, full-color magazine with community features, business profiles, recipes, human interest stories and of course, valuable offers from local advertisers.  We carefully select our magazine circulation based on shopping patterns and employ a real science to designing our delivery areas.

Showcase Your Business to Active Families

Advertising– any kind of advertising – is always measured by return on investment.  Maximizing that return for our advertisers is always job one at Aidatasoft.  Getting your brand in front of active Colorado families with response driven marketing is what we do best.